Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Maybe it's just me...

Maybe it's just me, but I have a hard time getting worked up over how someone uses their email account. Just like, I had a hard time getting too pissed off over a guy lying because he slept with someone who wasn't his wife. Are those things problematic on some level? Certainly. Do they call into question the honesty of the people involved? To some extent. However, I know that I have sent personal emails from work and vice versa. I may have even checked my Facebook, etc. from my work computer! *gasp!* In my life, I have left information out or over-parsed words to avoid responsibility for my own errors and misbehavior. I'm not proud of these things, but they don't disqualify me from my job.

On the other hand, calling on all Americans to hate an entire religious group; making disparaging remarks about women, Muslims, Hispanics, Jews, and the disabled; encouraging torture of an even more heinous variety than what we have seen criticized over the past decade; and focusing on the pursuit of monetary gain above all else, even when it hurts others would seem to disqualify a person. If I did most of those things, I would no longer have a job. But some people are so focused on avenging a political loss from 24 years ago, they are willing to overlook the evil Racist Cheeto candidate in order to punish the Clintons for winning the 1992 election, and for reminding America that the Reagan years weren't really as super-amazing as the right wingers would have us all believe. It seems like there is an "Anyone But the Clintons" camp who are angry that they can't convince the rest of the world that the Clintons are dirty rotten scoundrels and would rather drive the country off a cliff than let the 1992 election recede into history.

But maybe that's just me.