Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Caution: May Contain Liberal Content

I am simultaneously thrilled and horrified to see Eric Cantor lose his seat in Congress. He has been a terrible obstructionist leader, causing immeasurable damage to the United States with his blatant political pandering. For that reason, I am thrilled. On the other hand, the tea party backed candidate who won will likely win the election because, in some very backwards parts of the country, such as large parts of the Deep South and Arizona, people will vote for anyone with an "R" behind their name, regardless of their actual beliefs. The defeat of Cantor over a perceived willingness to work with Democrats on immigration means that the possibility of any action or compromise whatsoever is gone. For this reason, I am horrified.

But, I am also encouraged in a bizarre way. If enough extremists win in the Republican party primaries between now and 2016, as they appear to be doing, the Repubs will be stuck with another unwinnable presidential candidate and another unwinnable national election. This would, obviously, be good for the country, especially if the new and inferior party of no, formerly known as the Republicans, win Congress in November. At least the White House can be a firewall against further tea party idiocy.

Thanks for reading. I'll try to have better news next time.

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