Monday, February 23, 2009

Keeps getting worse

And I'm not talking about American Idol. I understand budget cuts. I expected a pay cut. I even expected to have more kids in my classes. I did not expect to have to teach without time to prepare. I did not expect to have nearly 1/4 of my colleagues taken away. I did not expect the administrators I trusted to do the right thing to, instead, sell us down the river. I did not expect to be asked to choose between my family and my professional integrity.

I am very frustrated. I know that times are bad. I know sacrifices have to be made. I also know what it takes to do my job. They have already taken away the stuff that made it easier. Now they are taking away the stuff that makes it possible. I wouldn't ask my friend the contractor to do pour concrete while it was snowing and have the building framed the next day. I wouldn't ask my friend the architect to draw plans freehand. I wouldn't ask my brother-in-law in the military to do his job without computers or communication technology. Unfortunately, we are being asked to do things that way as teachers. We cannot do our jobs well or even adequately without time to prepare. As it stands now, I won't even have time to Xerox busy work for the students , let alone teach a good lesson.

Thanks for reading. I'll try to do better next time.

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