Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday afternoon thoughts

I'm glad our Easter sunrise service got moved inside.  It was 30 degrees Sunday morning.

Adam Lambert is the most talented singer American Idol has ever had.  And I still don't really like him.

The Diamondbacks can't hit their way out of a paper bag.  If Webb doesn't come back healthy, it's going to be a long summer.  And it might be anyway.

I wish the weather in Flagstaff would make up its mind.  It was 67 degrees yesterday and it's supposed to be 37 tomorrow.

The old Dick Van Dyke Show was really, really funny.

I'm glad my friend Kathy found me on Facebook.

I like the new Indigo Girls album, but Poseidon and the Bitter Bug is a silly name for a CD.

I like Hulu.

I'm behind on grading.

The allure of Twitter evades me.

Steve Martin can really, actually play banjo.  And very, very well too!

My shoulder is feeling better.

It's ridiculous that the Suns have won 45 games and aren't going to the playoffs and the Pistons are under .500 and are in.

I wish Kyle Petty was still racing in NASCAR.  It's weird without him.

I am glad I can drink coffee again. (Gave it up for Lent.)

I like going to Dermot's Little League games, but it's hard not to coach from the bleachers.  I keep my mouth full of sunflower seeds as much as possible.

If you are in PHX anytime soon, go see the Dale Chihuly installation at the Botanical Gardens.  It's great, but it's only there through May.

I miss Mark "The Bird" Fidrych.  He is a large part of why I am such a huge baseball fan.  I remember the summer of 1976 a little (I was only 4) and he was everywhere in Michigan that year. "Go Bird Go!"

I need to finish The Wisdom of Tenderness by Brennan Manning.  He is a great spiritual writer.

Thanks for reading.  I'll try to do better next time.

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  1. I haven't done a "ten on Tuesday" in a while.. I should.

    I like your randomness.

    I wish I could see Dermot's games.

    Now you know why I COACH my kids teams.. there aren't enough sunflower seeds in the world to keep this big mouth shut :)