Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random Tuesday

My sister is out of control with this New Kids On The Block thing. We may need to do an intervention.

Flagstaff has finally moved on to spring and I'm glad.

I really like the series of classes I'm doing for professional development. Fun and useful.

Diamondbacks have shown signs of life. It's about time.

To quote a favorite writer of mine, The Washington Capitals are "choking dogs."

Facebook has helped to get me in touch with a few people who mean a lot to me, even though I haven't seen them in years. I am happy to know that they are alive and well.

I really love my job, even when it's stressful. When I look at my classes, particularly my psychology classes, I know the world is going to be in good hands. The students I work with are intelligent, good, and caring people. They have a sense of humor and an optimism I envy. They are looking forward into the possibilities of the future, not backward to a sheltered past that was not as good as some would like to believe. They have told me that they know the world is a risky place, but they want to do all the good they can in all the ways they can for as long as they can, regardless of the challenges. I admire this more than my words can convey.

I like old music. Even cheesy '70's and '80' s stuff. Maybe especially cheesy '70's and '80' s stuff.

I'm really going to miss my friend Liz, who has been a part of the Newman Center music group since I got there. Now the economy is tanking at graduation and she will probably have to move. I'll miss her singing, but I'll miss her smile and happiness more.

I can't wait for American Idol and Deadliest Catch tonight. (Yes, I'm a dork.)

I don't understand why taxes are bad. I'm not rich and I don't mind paying my fair share. Those less well-off should get a break and those who are wealthier don't need any breaks. They can easily pay more and not even notice. Why is that a problem?

I support the blood:water mission. (http://www.bloodwatermission.com/)

Thanks for reading. I'll try to do better next time.


  1. Hey, Jacob! How you doing?
    Yay for finally spring in Flagstaff! Yeah, for the first time this year, Phoenix has hit the triple digits and I don't see it as a shocker. I hope things are going well at the Newman Center. I'm over at the ASU Newman Center..with more responsibility on my plate *sighs*

    I'm trying to get up to Flagstaff sometime...I was just waiting for the snow to melt.

  2. I am thinking Amy might need an intervention.

    Hope you are well :o)


  3. I I I... ddddon't have a problem!

    I've got the right stuff baby! Please don't go, it would ruin my hold world. We'll just take it step by step, because I am Hangin' Tough!

    You know though that I'll be lovin' you forever....

    (I don't know HOW I missed this last week :) :)

    love you!